Texas Student Media Board

TSM is steered by our Board of Operating Trustees in accordance with the 2016 Governing Documents.

2016-2017 Board Meetings

  • Friday, August 26, 2016
  • Friday, September 23, 2016
  • Friday, November 18, 2016
  • Friday, February 3, 2017
  • Friday, March 24, 2017
  • Friday, April 28, 2017

The voting members of the Board are:

  • Three Moody College of Communication students (elected by the student body)
  • Three at-large students (elected by the student body)
  • Two members of the Moody College of Communication voting faculty (appointed by The University of Texas at Austin President)
  • One member of the McCombs School of Business voting faculty (appointed by The University of Texas at Austin President)
  • Two media professionals (appointed by The University of Texas at Austin President)

The Ex-officio non-voting members are:

  • TSM's Director
  • The student managers, including TSM's student advertising director

The delegate non-voting members are:

  • A representative of the Dean of Students Office/Vice President for Student Affairs
  • A representative of the Student Government President

Board Powers and Responsibilities

  • Policy. The Board must -
    1. ensure that controls and procedures are established and maintained pursuant to Paragraph 2.2 of the Declaration of Trust, providing:
      1. the regular training of all employees, editors, managers, editorial workers and staff members of the Student Media by a Media Advisor and
      2. the timely consultation by the Media Advisor with the employees, editors, managers, editorial workers and staff members of the Student Media, in each case, to ensure that the Student Media are operated in a manner consistent with the Public Purpose and Applicable Laws.
    2. determine the character and policies of all student media; and
    3. promulgate and implement a Handbook containing Board policy, which it may amend by majority vote.
  • Personnel. The Board must -
    1. appoint the student managers of each media unit, except for The Daily Texan Editor;
    2. supervise the student managers of each unit, including The Daily Texan Editor;
    3. fill vacancies for the student managers of each media unit, including The Daily Texan Editor;
    4. take disciplinary action, including removal from office, against employees for violation of Board policy or for non-performance of duties;
    5. certify the eligibility of candidates for positions elected by the student body; and
    6. declare the winning candidates elected by the student body.
  • Budget. The Board must -
    1. operate and control the Student Media, the Trust assets, Media assets, and Media contracts and related property;
    2. acquire and dispose of such assets as reasonably necessary to fulfill the purposes of the Declaration of Trust;
    3. enter into contracts with suppliers and vendors;
    4. maintain and control the bank accounts of the Trust;
    5. set budgets and budget amendments; and
    6. approve or disapprove salaries and wages set by the Executive Committee for editorial workers.
  • Reports. The Board must -
    1. certify in writing to the Board of Regents within 90 days after the close of each fiscal year that the Operating Trustees and Dean of the College of Communication have evaluated the controls and procedures as specified in the Declaration of Trust and found that they satisfy trust requirements;
    2. comply with auditing and financial controls as outlined in the Declaration of Trust;
    3. approve minutes of each meeting before sending the minutes to the Vice President for Student Affairs for distribution to other members of the administration and the Regents;
    4. produce special reports within two weeks upon request from the U. T. Austin President, the Chancellor, or the Regents;
  • First regular meeting. At the first regular meeting of the session, the Board must -
    1. elect a President and Vice President;
    2. elect members of the Executive Committee; and
    3. approve a schedule of regular meetings that ends with the first meeting of the next session.

    Texas Student Media Board Roster

    Voting Members

    Moody College of Communication Student Members

    Place 1 (06/2015-05/2017)
    Christian Trudeau

    Place 2 (06/2016-08/2018)
    Mary Dolan

    Place 3 (06/2016-05/2018)
    Kat Sampson

    At-Large Student Members

    Place 4 (06/2016-05/2018)
    Mohammad Syed

    Place 5 (06/2015-05/2017)
    Pauline Berens

    Place 6 (06/2015-05/2017)
    McKay Proctor

    Faculty Members

    Matt Eastin
    Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations
    Moody College of Communication

    Robert W. Jensen
    School of Journalism
    Moody College of Communication

    Karen M. Landolt
    McCombs School of Business

    Professional Journalists/Media

    Jeff Cohen
    Houston Chronicle


    Non-voting Members

    Gerald Johnson, Director
    Texas Student Media

    Alexander Chase, Editor-in-Chief
    The Daily Texan

    Akshay Mirchandani, Managing Editor
    The Daily Texan

    Armando Maese, Station Manager
    KVRX 91.7 FM

    Aaron Bicart, Station Manager
    Texas Student Television

    Raven Cortright, Editor-in-Chief
    Cactus Yearbook

    Max Friedman, Editor-in-Chief
    Texas Travesty

    Julia Cho
    Student Government Representative

    Peter Flynn
    Office of the Dean of Students